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Welcome to bank-opening-times.com – The UK banks most comprehensive and user-friendly online database containing all the necessary and relevant information about banks in your area. No more browsing the Internet for hours, hoping to find the bank's info you need - With bank-opening-times.com all the data about the UK banks is within your easy reach, barely a few clicks away. Always relevant, always up-to-date, always for free.

We have always wished for a comprehensive directory of the banks in UK and one day thought: why not try to do it ourselves? What started as a small and humble project has soon evolved into an enormous and ambitious undertaking, giving us a new purpose and a new mission in life: to provide all our users with a free yet powerful source of information pertaining to the UK banks. Bank-opening-times.com is the result of this mission; a user-friendly and constantly updated database containing all the necessary information about the UK banks that our users may need, including full branch addresses, telephone numbers, locations on the maps, opening and closing times and much more. All of it easily accessible and stored in one place for your convenience.